Ways to fight against climate change and how you can help

In this lesson article, you will learn about the different ways that can help fight against climate change and how you can help.

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Fighting against climate change

These are 5 different ways to do this:

1. Building more rooftop solar panels
Advances in technology and drops in manufacturing costs have made solar panels available to most of the world. 
2. Building more solar farms
Solar farms are better than solar rooftops because they cover more land and thus capture more heat energy from the sun to be converted into solar energy.
3. Reducing food wastage
Food waste contributes to 8% of global emissions. By reducing the food we waste, we can also reduce global emissions.
4. Having onshore wind turbines
Wind farms are easy to build and use little land, making them one of the most efficient ways to fight against climate change.
5. Plant more trees
Trees help to cut CO2 emissions and also provide fresh air to us.


How you can help

These are 4 different ways in which you can help in fighting climate change

1. Switching to 100% green energy
By switching to green energy, you can help directly reduce CO2 emissions.
2. Saving energy
Saving energy not only saves you money, it also helps to cut global emissions.
3. Optimizing your diet
The global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, trains, planes and ships combined (source: reset.org). By reducing your meat consumption, you are also helping to reduce global emissions. When buying fruits and vegetables, also try to buy organic foods. 
4. Avoid flying
A single person can emit a large amount of CO2 when they fly a plane.

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What are you waiting for? Start now!

By following the suggestions above, you can help cut global emissions and fight against climate change.