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About climate change: Text

What is climate change?

What is climate change exactly? Why is it so important? Scroll down to see what climate change is all about!

Is climate the same as weather?

A few people think that climate is the same as weather. Actually, climate is different from weather. Climate is a place's average weather conditions over time and refers to long term changes, whereas weather refers to local conditions on a day-to-day basis. While weather is affected by temperature, humidity, and other such conditions, climate affects temperature, humidity, and other such conditions. 


Causes of climate change

There are many causes of climate change. These are some of them:

-Fast fashion

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Tropical Storm

Effects of climate change

There are many effects of climate change. Some of them are:


-Global warming

-More greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere

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Q: What is the definition of climate in the text above?

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